Friday, August 8, 2008

Ban Datacollectors like SezWho

If you are active in social networking - there is a monster behind your back.
Watching every step you take, seeing sites, you go to, reading what you comment and say online and stores it in a database that is available for everyone to see!

Who is it?

Without your knowledge or consent - these guys are amassing a gigantic database of every
move in social circles. Every site that has their software installed and that you visit, as well as those you came from is recorded and entered. The numbers of platforms that this perversion
is available for is continually rising and the numbers of site applying the plugins as well.
Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad and the list goes on.

While the software is praised as the interface to all social networking it is at the same time
the Big Brother that we never saw coming. Unless of course we use common sense and
our brains. Fortunately they will delete your data if you ask them to - and that is what
I ask you to do! Tell them to go packing and take you off.
Write to and tell them to delete all your data!

Here's a button for your site, if you would like to make others aware of what companies
like SezWho are doing! Just copy the code and paste it into your website.

No to Big Brother

No to Big Brother

No to Big Brother

Sign in to Mr. Linky as a statement that you are too protesting against this kind of
unwarranted and threatening datacollection method.